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ContentSignals© | AI | Automation | Conversion

ContentSignals© are the next generation of technology - for the internet. We are the leader in this technology and have developed automated systems with AI to maximize the value of your online activities. Almost any activity online is content.

Swomi ContentSignals© | AI | Automation | Monetization

The How


The most advanced monetization technology for users of the internet. Created for all forms of digital content and media!

Automation & AI

Content signals connects the monetization of your content to You. Using Automation and AI it finds opportunities to maximize your value at every point possible.


Combined with optimization the platform creates a cycle of ever increasing growth for your business or brand. A marketing network optimized with AI delivering the intelligence you need to be a leader in online world.

Automation & AI

Audience Intelligence

Automation AI combined with ContentSignals© technology generates opportunities to enable monetization events for all forms of digital content.

User Experience

Any digital content can be monetized. Images, videos, games, audio, social media, messaging and commerce including shopping sites and automated sales bots.

Content Engagement

Content signals comes in many different forms. Some of the examples are social, ranking, reads, funnels and keywords.


Add Content

There are many different forms of content monetization including advertising, sponsorship, affiliate, cross-marketing, branding, commerce, events and recommendation.

ContentSignals© with Automation AI

The system and signals technology are designed to optimize all forms of content monetization events in real time. As content drives into a network it creates new opportunities.

Working 24/7

The Content Signals technology is designed to optimize results using A.I. to find new opportunities 24/7 globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TriOngle?

TriOngle is a vendor of "experience” based content driven marketing technology with monetization features where Users can connect links, channels, pipelines, syndication, streams, networks, communications, and other digital media and data to dynamically track, increase and optimize metrics for ideas, brands, passions, products and services.

How does ContentSignals© work?

The signals algorithm automates the discovery of monetization and lead opportunities. Combined with ad networks and pipelines it looks through channels that best suit that content and most efficient reach profile to increase audience.

This involves many systems and processes including, remarketing, behavioral targeting, interaction with external social networks and platforms, tag management, traffic optimization and distribution, as well commercial affiliation.

How do I make money using ContentSignals©?

Monetization is available for all users of platforms with ContentSignals© technology!

All published pieces are monetized on your account – and the internal dashboard allows you to view how many “engagement signals” your content receives and how much it has monetized.

Users can receive payments via Stripe, a third party banking application. In order to withdraw your benefits, you'll need to have a Swomi account and connect Stripe to your account. Learn how to do that here.

Read more about monetization here.

What kind of ideas work on this platform?

Whatever you think of that is within the terms and conditions of that platform and ours works, you can create! Personal blogs, product reviews, science fiction stories, relationship woes; if you have a story to tell, we want you to share it with the community.

Currently, our modules allow you to add text, images, videos, and audio.

How does it work?

ContentSignals© delivers monetization for almost all publishing and syndication platforms and ALL content creators, to share their content/story with an engaged audience and get compensated with value or conversion. It uses networks with over a billion viewers to contribute to our reach, with many more on the way! This monetization system can pay creators and publishers based on the amount of “engagement and re-publishing” content receives and the results of each interaction. An algorithm tracks content and monetizes these signals or bumps much like a CPM (cost per thousand) rate. Therefore, content with more engagement earns more reach and benefits.

How is content promoted and opportunities created?

Publishing networks including social and related technology expose content to a wide audience and based on the response this data is included to identify which pipelines and channels are best to maximize results.

The better the content, the more depth reach or audience it will have for monetization and lead opportunities.

Aggregation & De-Identification

We also use de-identified or aggregated information with third parties and advertisers so we can measure the effectiveness of any content or advertisements viewed in connection with our Sites and audiences.

For example this information may provide the number of users who clicked on or viewed specific content or advertisements, and viewer’s preferences for those types of content.

We also use such aggregated information to modify our Services for better performance. Aggregated information is also used in the ContentSignals© algorithm for automated decision making and profiling.

What is the Engagement or CPM equivalent rate?

Unfortunately, we do not disclose the specific amount of the CPM. The monetization system benefits are based on the reach and adoption of the content.

Swomi's algorithm tracks engagement and reach on your content and assigns it an Engagement Score or CPM equivalent rate. Therefore content with more engagement and signals earns more money.

Do I have to pay to use this service?

TriOngle provides a complete setup service for ContentSignals© and its related technology including integration into other platforms. ContentSignals© is a subscription based platform and TriOngle is an authorized vendor of this technology.